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Water Flow Regulator
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     Water Flow Regulator:

 Application: Bridge water flow regulator, usually used with packer in water layer injection.



    Water Flow Regulator:                                            

1. Bridge Water Distributor is developed relay on previous. So has all characteristics of Water Distributor.
2. Innovative design of Bridge Water Distributor and testing and sealing section realized the double card single measurement.
3. The hierarchical water layer technology of Bridge Water Distributor has been improved, when measuring the static pressure it can be straight set into the work tub, which could reduce the amount of work of throwing out or pulling off the jam.
4. Can be measured, not changing any single flow of water injection of other normal.
5. Need not diminishing method for calculation of layered note, to avoid the error of the method for flow produce, reducing the interference between the layers.

   Main technical parameters:                                  

Technical Parameters
Maximum Diameter (mm)
Min Diameter (mm)
Side Diameter(mm)
Working Pressure (Mpa)
Blanking plug max diameter (mm)
Pulling device max diameter (mm)
QS-114- Water distribution device

   Water Flow Regulator      



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