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PUYANG ZHONGSHI & Indonesia Customer signed up successfully
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       Warmly celebrating that PUYANG ZHONGSHI GROUP made an agreement with Indonesia customer once again, who satisfied very well after experiencing the pump productions. Yesterday, he, again placed the order of plunger and pump barrel. Hereby,we really take great appreciation towards him,as well as the regular customers,With their support and trust all the time, We ensure that we will handle our supply and after-sales service smoothly.
       PUYANG ZHONGSHI GROUP, as a manufacturer of sucker pumps and accessories, we have our Processing and Test centers with multiple functions, and also from rare material purchasing to goods producing, which handle independently. The order has been in processing, since made a communication for technology.
       Over-length pump barrel is synchronously negotiating as well that 36 inches of pump barrel is seldom seen in domestic market, that almost has no factory to producing. Still, we could meet with this special requirement of producing, according to experience of the planning service of special measurement in the past. Otherwise, mechanical properties, roughness of inside and outside surface and size are higher than standard requirement, Especially the advantage of corrosiveness of resistance and long service life.
       We, staff will provide the best productions with good service, PUYANG ZHONGSHI GROUP welcomes to inquiries from new and regular customers!

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