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Trenchless Technology (HDD mud recovery system) device
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Trenchless Technology (HDD mud recovery system) device
HDD mud recovery system is the company to meet the requirements of domestic and international trenchless technology R & D design and production for the purification process of crossing horizontal directional returned from underground slurry. Solids control through the shaker, cleaner and other equipment to a large particle size of the cuttings separated, add the desired material slurry by mixing the slurry apparatus and stirred cycle evenly, meet the performance requirements again by mud pump pumped level directional drilling systems repeatedly recycled. HDD mud recovery system can significantly improve the sludge treatment efficiency and reduce the cost of horizontal directional drilling mud, and can greatly improve the speed of drilling.
Mud recovery system is mainly used in the processing amount required to HDD 200GPM following drilling project. Its biggest advantage is the small overall size of the system, small footprint, easy to move. The reason is that the system uses the stone needed for the market and developed a two-stage process shaker --SSZS3 / 2 double linear vibrating screen. SSZS3 / 2 vibrating screen fitted with two different numbers of mesh screen, can simultaneously function two screening process, its compact structure, small size, light weight, etc., can fully save installation space, transportation costs, and greatly improve work efficiency. Further highly effective in reducing the overall size of the mud recovery system.
Recovery System Desilter one machine, using SSZS3 / 2 double linear vibrating screen, which is used as the upper screen in addition to mud cyclone underflow sieve, sieve is used as the lower shaker, successfully Desilter and vibration screen integrated into one device, the maximum reduced installation space, while a large extent, saving the cost of production and cost.



1.Puyang Zhongshi based on 20 years of technical experience in solid control of the industry, combined with in-depth market research, design from the mud recovery system, reasonable structure, good technology, a wide range of applications. Mainly used in the trenchless horizontal directional crossing, CBM, shale gas, sink wells, geothermal drilling and other fields.
2.The multi-function integrated design, to meet the mud cleaning, recycling reuse, mud and other configuration and storage capabilities, while significantly reduced the overall size of the tank system, to meet the horizontal directional drilling on site and space requirements.
3.Electrical systems explosion-proof, dust-proof, water-resistant, to ensure construction quality and safety.
4.The body structure is simple and compact, light weight, the corridor, the fence folding or disassembly, easy to transport and install.

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