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Dredging sludge treatment equipment
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1.Is a double-double excitation shaker excitation system using high-quality pole explosion-proof electrical excitation, compact, easy installation, smooth operation and long service life;
2.High G vibration force, vibration resistance, migration speed, good permeability screening, treatment of waste slurry solid-liquid separation effect is significantly higher than ordinary shaker, the moisture content of the solid phase decreased significantly;
3.Ease of operation manual screen box inclination control system to improve the separation effect, to extend the residence time of the solid phase screen surface;
4.Using high-performance rubber isolator, the floating suspension support structure to achieve the desired characteristics of the nonlinear vibration more smoothly, effectively reducing the vibration noise.
5.The machine uses the high quality stainless steel fastener material is made by precision machining, especially in parts of the use of high strength materials, key parts of the parts were quenched and surface coating treatment.


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